Insurance Buyers News – May/June 2021

Insurance Access Legislation for Marijuana Industry Introduced in Senate

marijuana storeCurrent federal law makes access to insurance products by cannabis businesses illegal. Read on for details.

How to Spot a Fake PPE Mask

mask diagramMillions of counterfeit masks have been seized by federal agents and millions more are likely still in use. Read on for details.

COVID-19 Related Employment Liability Claims Update

business man under waterA majority of the claims involve an allegation of wrongful termination. Read on for details.

Drivers Say They Fear Cyber Hi-Jackers

More U.S. motorists are getting worried about possible cyber-attacks on their connected vehicles, a survey by HSB, part of Munich Re, reported recently. Read on for details.

Workers Comp & Safety News – April/May 2021

COVID-19 Impact on Workers’ Comp Less Detrimental Than Expected

grocery store clerkCOVID-19 claims represented only about 2% of all workers’ comp claims paid out by one insurance company by the end of the year. Read on for details.

Long Term Problems with COVID-19 Workers’ Comp Claims

injury claim formSeveral issues cloud the long-term outlook for COVID-19 workers’ comp claims.Read on for details.

How to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

man pushing boulder up hillStudies show accident prone workers often suffer from physical or emotional problems that are usually temporary conditions. Read on for details.

The Benefits of Structured Settlements

Once a worker suffers an occupational injury while working for you, he or she becomes your responsibility for life. Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – March/April 2021

What Impact Will the Biden Administration Have on the Insurance Industry?

whitehouseExpect a great deal of legislative activity on a wide range of issues affecting the property/casualty industry.
Read on for details.

8 Major Cyber Security Concerns in the Age of COVID

computer hackerMore employees working from home means more possibilities for cyber security breaches. Read on for details.


Does Your Business Need Flood Insurance?

business man under waterA standard commercial policy typically does not cover damage due to flooding, including hurricane storm surge flooding. Read on for details.

Some Consumer Responses to the Pandemic

A new survey from the Insurance Research Council (IRC) found that two-thirds of respondents worked from home at least part of the time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on for details.

Workers Comp & Safety News – February/March 2021

Should Employers Make COVID-19 Vaccinations Mandatory?

person getting vaccineNow that the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations has begun many employers will confront the decision of whether to make vaccinations mandatory.
Read on for details.

Workers Comp Payments OK’d for Marijuana in Some States

Rx bottle with marijuanaMedical marijuana is gaining wider acceptance in the medical community as an effective pain-reliever, which can be useful in workplace illnesses and injuries. But is it compensable under workers comp?Read on for details.

Telecommuting Safely

person working from homeThe pandemic has vastly increased the number of employees working from home. Once public health restrictions are lifted it’s expected that a majority of employees will want to continue telecommuting. Read on for details.

Workers’ Comp Basics: Are WC benefits taxable?

According to the IRS, no matter how workers’ compensation wage loss payments are paid out – weekly or in a lump sum settlement – workers’ compensation is not taxable.
Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – January/February 2021

Can Employers Legally Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations?

vials of medicineUnless your state government enacts mandatory vaccination laws requiring it as a condition of employment, you could put your company at legal risk.
Read on for details.


How to Understand the Fine Print

magnifying glass and documentWhile it’s a good idea to read your insurance policy, hardly anybody does. The important thing is to understand what’s in it. Here are a couple of concepts to know about how your insurance works.

Read on for details.

Auto Damage Claims Growing Twice as Fast as Inflation

tree fallen on carThe average payment for auto physical damage insurance claims increased at more than double the rate of inflation from 2010 through 2018, according to a new study from the Insurance Research Council (IRC).

Read on for details.

Should Employees Be Disciplined for Not Social Distancing?

Social distancing and mask wearing have been viewed as important ways to protect people from COVID-19. So, employers enforce these precautions on the job site.
Read on for details.

Workers Comp & Safety News – December 2020/January 2021

Businesses Get Cited for COVID OSHA Violations

business with open signAfter criticism from labor unions and lawmakers that the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has not been adequately responding to COVID-19 pandemic concerns, the agency has been busy in September and October citing businesses for various health and safety violations.
Read on for details.

Gig Economy Gets Boost with Proposition 22 Win

businessman holding gig economy signThe California bill won a sizeable yes vote in the elections and its proponents want to take the campaign nationwide.
Read on for details.

DOL Publishes Proposed Rule to Redefine “Worker” Under FSLA

delivery peopleThe definition of independent contractor, as evidenced in the gig economy controversy, is not always clear cut. Read on for details.

When is Someone an Independent Contractor — or Not?

The DOL has identified the following typical problems concerning the determination of independent contractor status:
Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – November/December 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on Property and Liability Insurance

hundred dollar bill with maskWhile estimates vary, the insurance industry is currently expected to pay as much as $110 billion in claims related to the pandemic in 2020, according to Lloyd’s. Read on for details.

Who Doesn’t Need Professional Liability Insurance These Days?

doctor and businessmanDoctors, lawyers and accountants aren’t the only people who need professional liability insurance. Read on for details.

Why Almost Every Business Needs Additional Insured Coverage

umbrellasYou have business liability insurance, but it may not provide coverage if you are considered “vicariously liable.” Read on for details.

How the Pandemic Could Change the Future of Work

Mobile apps will be more common. The pandemic has forced many companies to focus more on remote operations, making the use of mobile apps more important.
Read on for details.

Workers Comp & Safety News – October/November 2020

Many States Offer Temporary Work Comp Classification Reductions During Pandemic

stethoscope, syringe and formsDuring the pandemic, insurance laws in many states are allowing employers to reclassify employees who normally work in higher rated workers comp classes as clerical or other lower classifications.
Read on for details.

How the Pandemic Is Changing Workers Comp Forever

patient having remote dr apptIn response to the crisis, new regulations have been enacted and advances in technology fast-tracked.
Read on for details.

How Insurers Calculate Comp Rates

person with calculator and laptopWorkers’ compensation may seem complicated, but only two factors affect your workers’ compensation costs: your employees’ job classifications and your experience modification factor.
Read on for details.


How Losses Get Evened Out to Make Ex. Mods More Accurate

Not all losses are the same. Small, frequent losses need to be handled or “weighted” differently than one-off severe losses that happen only occasionally.
Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – September/October 2020

Operating Your Business During the Pandemic

open sign Many businesses have adjusted to the pandemic by implementing work from home arrangements for their employees. This is often an incomplete or inadequate solution though.
Read on for details.

Get Ready for Parametric Insurance

graphParametric insurance is a type of insurance that does not indemnify the actual loss, but pays when something related has occurred with sufficient intensity to justify payment of a loss.
Read on for details.

Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

man with umbrellaIf your business is the typical small or mid-sized business, you probably have somewhere between $500,000 and $2 million in liability coverage under your business owner policy (BOP) or commercial general liability policy. How does umbrella coverage work with these policies to provide extra liability protection?
Read on for details.

What is ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and amendments, which applies to employers with 15 or more employees, says employers cannot discriminate against individuals with disabilities in hiring, promoting, retaining and other aspects of employment.
Read on for details.

Workers Comp & Safety News – August/September 2020

COVID-19 Impact on Workers Compensation Industry

graph with viruses in backgroundAccording to a survey put out by health industry guru and strategist Joe Paduda, the workers compensation system could see a 20 percent decrease in new injury claims this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Read on for details.

COVID-19 Liability Waivers

person signing documentAt a recent campaign rally attendees were asked to sign liability waivers to protect against lawsuits related to contracting Covid-19. Many businesses are doing the same with customers and employees.
Read on for details.

How Does Self-Insured Workers Compensation Work?

person with checkSelf-insuring is an increasingly popular alternative to purchasing coverage from traditional providers. There are advantages and disadvantages.
Read on for details.

Excess Workers Compensation Comes in Two Basic Formats

Specific Excess Insurance limits the amount a self-insured must pay for any single occurrence. Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – July/August 2020

Most Business Policies Cover Riots, Vandalism and Civil Commotion

protestorsDifferent policies cover different kinds of damage to property. When protestors gathered on the streets of our cities to speak out against the brutal killing of George Floyd, in many instances peaceful demonstrations turned into scenes of violence, vandalism and looting.
Read on for details.

Automated Driving Would Reduce Crashes by Only a Third

person in self driving carDriver mistakes play a role in virtually all crashes. That’s why automation has been held up as a potential game changer for safety.
Read on for details.

Cyber D&O Policies and The Coronavirus

empty conference roomEven before COVID-19, insurance for directors and officers (D&O) was experiencing a hard market.
Read on for details.

Key D&O Terms You Should Know

Entity Coverage/Allocation Provisions: Claims can get complicated when the corporate entity is named as a defendant along with directors and officers.
Read on for details.

Workers Comp & Safety News -June 2020/July 2020

COVID-19 Workers Comp Update

workers with face masksBusinesses and governments are trying to determine when COVID-19 infections qualify for workers’ comp benefits.
Read on for details.

Workers Comp Basics: The Four Types of Disability Benefits

person in physical therapyIn determining the extent of a worker’s injury, doctors evaluate the degree of disability or impairment. The injury may be permanent or temporary.
Read on for details.

Employers Liability and COVID-19

judge in gloves with gavelAt least one lawsuit has already been brought against an employer alleging it owed a duty of care to employees to prevent them from contracting COVID-19.
Read on for details.

What’s More Important? Reducing Frequency or Severity?

Workers compensation losses are measured by their frequency and severity. Which is the most important to focus on if you want to reduce workers compensation costs?
Read on for details.